Saturday, June 20, 2015

Rubric : There's hiatus in love

Rubric : There's hiatus in love
(A Story by: Rasal Hasan Lia)

The man is sleeping. Is he dead?
I was observing him. An old man, matted hair. He was sitting alone, probably was in a deep meditation. I can't understand when and how he went there. Probably I became fascinated, two hilarious teen girls were following him, "I am certain he is unmarried and waiting for me".
"Yes, I'm for him and he is for me"
A tall girl, in a shining yellow veil embroidered with many many small red roses was saying to her classmate about that unknown thin old man...
I became fascinated. But the pretty girl is not looking at me. What's there with the old man. I coughed, but no response. "You don't know, the man is so hot that no stroke is needed. I could be totally succumbed if I can pass some time grasping his hand."Friend, please ask my Mom to call him for me, please arrange the wedlock." Her friend starts to laugh but can't continue. The tensed girl: "Please, don't undermine. I known he is for me."
Today few minutes ago, I saw them. Her classmate was saying "look, your husband is waiting". The girl nips the raised finger, "please stop", she sways and takes a long breath that ends with a smile of appease.
"What a fear I had when I started to talk to your father, I became afraid. He tantalized me. But at last, he just told " Anu will marry tomorrow, I am arranging everything."
"Thank you very much.
"Anu, do you have total faith on your parents? All are not so easy as you are"- Her friend says.
"Don't despise. The God is doing everything."
"God does nothing, He just built a system. Touch ice, it's cool. Touch fire, it's hot."
I watched them few moments ago. Her mother pulled her and she tried to turn back to have a sight. I come to see his pulse, as I bow he opens the eyes and gets up. He looks forward to seeing the path, the girl went. I look behind. A howling crowd is coming. The girl is sleeping on a van, her face is opened now- a bourgeoning yellow rose in blood. Her mother howls: "Don't search for my son, he is innocent, my daughter jumped only from the roof." Her father doesn't say anything, he looks at the old man, frowns and stars to tremble.
By: Rasal Hasan Lia

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