Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Perception

There is a Creator.
All human beings will face HIS justice.
Heaven and hell are not for any particular religion.
Religions show the ways to live in such a manner that help the followers feel HIS existence always and thereby restrain themselves from committing sin. 
Believers are those who can rely on HIM and do not fear anything at any place in establishing right. Such devoutness on HIM restrains human beings from the influence of power, money, emotion that induce for committing sin. Human beings never should dare to test or examine others’ depth of devoutness on Him as there is the Creator who is the best justice for doing so. Human beings can ask only if any ones activities or attitudes are harmful or disturbing for others.  
Everyone has his/her own ability and ability to receive advices from others and ability to perceive HIS existence. Devil should not be given any chance in form of any greed or fear when someone is acting with others. His/her attitudes, behavior and relationship with anyone should only be settled by what S/he has and by the same of the person(s) to whom S/he is acting; and must not be imposed or dominated by any third person(s) unless the counter party is abusing power. 
As there is the Creator who is the most powerful and the best judge, human beings should not dare to give any punishment when a person(s) is committing sin with HIM in attending prayer or in any other form that does not affect no other human beings, but can only advise and remind that person(s). 
There are some sins that affect others and there are some sins that do not affect others. Human beings efforts to establish justice should be confined to the extent to which the sinful activities affect others. Regardless of the power and position of the guilty, the society should compel the guilty, if his/her activities wrongfully affect others, to compensate. The Creator can forgive anyone, if the person prays for the apology with pure mind. If the person purely wants to be relieved from the curse of sin, s/he must be willing to sacrifice everything. If the sin affects others adversely, the person must be willing to sacrifice everything to compensate for the victim. Though HE can do everything, forgiveness is subject to the criminals efforts to compensate and sacrifice for their misdeeds. For gaining self benefit, no one should harm others. Human beings can commit harm to a concerned criminal only for the purpose of protecting dominated innocents. 
Setting belief doesnt mean setting belief on any particular religion. It means to believe that everything is visible to HIM, HE can read our minds, and our minds know what is good and what is bad. Good and bad in the sense of its impact on self and others. 
Human beings represent HIM when they think and act for the welfares. Human beings may be influenced by the devil when they harm others for getting self benefit. Human beings may fall in trap by the devil as it is given some power by The Creator. But human beings must be able to leave the devil by leaving greed and deceitful act of exploiting others. It is possible by strengthening the devoutness to The Creator.
If someone is adversely affected by a person(s) who accepts and discloses his misdeed, the victim can protest, can ask for the explanation, can demand compensation and can ask anyone for help and The Creator may mercy the criminal upon his prayers provided that the criminal does not abuse his worldly power to undermine the victim. If the criminal abuses his power and the victim is helpless i.e. if the victim can not compel the criminal, the victim asks only to The Creator for help. The Creator does not accept the mercy petition by the criminal(who is bearing the curse of the victim) unless the criminal compensates. If the criminal disagree or conceal the fact or commit the misdeed and do not let the victim know, (the criminal is bearing the curse of the victim) the creator will not accept his mercy petition unless the criminal becomes willing to sacrifice and compensate.
Both the heaven and hell are created for human beings. Only The Creator will determine the fate. Human beings should not bother what will happen, attending prayers certainly do not ensure anything, they should attend prayers so that they can keep them free from committing sin and free from curse of others and thereby can be spiritual and confident. No one should dare to test the belief and devotion of others. It is only The Creator can and do the test always. The fate will be determined based on not only the prayers, but on the extent to which they are receiving and implementing the teaching of prayers.   
Attending prayers can help human beings strengthen the devoutness to HIM with the knowledge that HE maintains equality in paying rewards and punishment based on activities on earth. Prayers develop the valence for rewards at resurrection, and it is his/her activities, attitudes and relationship with others that contributes to the development of expectancy of getting desired results. 
A human being is sent on earth not for him/herself only, what they are given, given for all. Everyone is given some capability. They must use it to render benefits for themselves and for others without committing harm to any innocent. If anyone can pass the life without committing harm to any innocent and can sacrifice for and contribute to the wellbeing of others except criminals who still do not apology with pure mind, if s/he is free from the curse of others except any concerned criminals, and always remember and try to please the Creator, will reach haven regardless of the religions s/he belong to. 
Telling lie and concealing a fact are not the same. Similarly a true speech may not present the truth. A true speech sometimes may be treated as a sin, if it creates contradiction in revealing a fact and if there is a bad intention of getting self benefit undermining others. The speakers know which one is a sin and which one is not a sin. 
Everyone can feel HIS existence if everyone can stay isolated for some time and can view the world as nothing and willing to sacrifice everything for and pray for any natural instance. Everyone must remember that S/he has or has given nothing extraordinary. Prophets are prophets because they could present themselves as ordinary human-beings. They never forget their own status. They apply what they are given by Him to be capable for teaching the right and can sacrifice everything of personal benefits for establishing the right.
All human beings do not have same capability. They may acquire and preserve assets as they can. But they must use it for the wellbeing. They should not abuse it to dominate others. All should be given similar opportunity. All should remember that they are given the capability, power and responsibility of, by HIM who is the only owner of everything, utilizing resources; therefore people if want to please HIM, should give others opportunity to realize their potentials. There is no limit or barrier of kindness. Those who have the capability should spend for others based on the potentials. For achieving His satisfaction, try the best to sacrifice and help others. Keeping natural resources unused incurs opportunity costs on others. The gap between the rich and the poor must be reduced offering equal opportunity. Otherwise the natural remedy takes place. 

There is scope to rethink the essence of spending money for Haj, watching and keeping the babies of the same country hungry in uncertainties. There is scope to rethink with the debate whether bank interest is permissible or not wherein women who are exchanging for money can be free from such profession getting loans. The bank interest should not be viewed as that the opportunity seekers, who compel the poor when they are in need to agree to borrow at an unbearable interest rate with the intention to snatch the mortgaged property upon the default, do. Earning interest on goods and earning interest on money is not same. Earning interest on lending money is not a sin if the interest rate is affordable and adjusted with the purchasing power of money. Interest is needed to compensate or payback the lender same purchasing power. 
When human-beings are asking for HIS forgiveness and kindness, they must first try their best to acknowledge, contribute and compensate if they gain benefit from anyone, and/or if their actions, thinking or speech adversely affect anyone innocent. Innocent in the sense that s/he didnt commit any harm to the person asking for HIS forgiveness. 
Except the Creator, no one can read others minds. No one should dare to act like the Creator and to determine the fate of others and to influence the opportunity without asking and knowing the minds of others. Those who have the knowledge and ability can advise others and can show others merits and demerits of many paths, but should not compel or influence to compel to choose any particular path. If someone imposes decisions on others or influence from the back without asking or knowing the minds, the dominator must take the responsibility and must compensate if the dominated is adversely affected. HE can do anything but HE follows HIS rules. Some of HIS creatures dare to break and influence rules. It is a great sin when the fate of others involve.  
Everyone has the right to accept, reject, criticize but everyone must believe that there is only one Creator who can read minds, HE is the most powerful and HE is the best judge. Even if someone burns a religious constitution, there is the Creator for the punishment; but if anyone steals or burns someones book or property, worldly justice must be applied and the criminals prayers for HIS forgiveness will reach, if the criminal first be willing to sacrifice everything for and compensate to the victim. 
All religions were perfect but the human beings fail to exert the knowledge of keeping themselves free from exploiting others. All religions will become false if the believers believe that people belong to other religions go to hell. Everyone is given the ability to think and choose the best path. Human beings can explain and criticize each path with the belief that nothing and no mind is concealable to HIM who is the best judge. 

Blieve and keep in mind that the Creator exist and read minds
All thinking, attitudes, activities and motions will be judged again
Apply justice
Ensure the best use of what you have
Commit no harm
Sacrifice the best to compensate for getting mercy
Be grateful and provide rewards for the benefits from others
Help without any intention but to get bless
Attend prayers to realize the Creator and to remain on track
Earn, consume and enjoy, and help others for the same
Sacrifice today’s unethical enjoyments for eternal peace
Remain and help others to remain with LIA(Lawful and Intelligent Aisle).

(Rasal Hasan Lia)
------Nayatola, Dhaka.
July 24,2007
rasal_hasan_lia@ yahoo.com(deactivated) 

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