Sunday, June 7, 2015

brief story from diary

When will they learn?

Yes, the sunset was visible when she was telling “I’ve puberty”. She was not a young girl- she was a girl of 8 years. How was she taught the term and the meaning in a society where people ought to be sensitive to taboo as they are usually sensitive to the regularity in attending religions prayers? The sun sets and the same sun rises again but the flowers that loose petals leaving the empty whorls experienced of insects’ role will not bloom again. Obviously babies can’t protect themselves as the flowers can’t. Flowers end but the babies remain.

The perfect strong men know that it's not happenstance or sinful headlong practice but it's a holly path of love, his girl will come to approach again and again to be succumbed and will be closer as her mind desires; provided that she is not becoming a victim of any sinful licentious pleasure by any other male.

What would happen if the God would come on earth as a human being? Whom and how would he marry? Could he do that? Could S/he get who is heavenly set as his/her partner? He is determined to marry an unscrewed virgin girl and simultaneously he is not to tell lies. Do the girls chaste and remain virgin  until  they legally and socially get married? Baby thinks because all most all of the Muslims are teaching their children Islamic religion or sending the children in Maktab for that purpose. Baby thinks what the children do thereafter. Do they chaste? Do they also learn telling lies and pretending? Or do they think honestly that the teaching is invalid?  

Then she was a girl of class five. Her father and mother left the house keeping her alone. After passing a day she alone in the empty house performs Namaz and prays so that she finds Baby. Baby remembers the girl's most dazzling moment. Baby was going to her house and the girl with her classmate was coming for school. As soon as she sees Baby, she becomes speechless. She starts to hurtle, stands before and gazes eyes; seems she is not taking breath. She starts to flip and gurgle 'daran, Stop;‘ and her hands were trying to catch Baby’s shoulder. Baby raises his own hands and hangs them just above her flying fingers which were trying to reach the baby's neck; but she turns and shows back -a slow wave in the body was saying something like 'catch me'.

She laughs and  hurtles, "what will I do in your house?".
They are walking together. She is trying to pull her toes to be taller.
"Sir, what will you do if I go to your house?"
Baby: "why are you talking so much? I passed many days in your house. What did you do? By the by, I told you not to say me sir, I am not your teacher. "
She becomes faint for seconds and again enthusiastically says "Are not you alone in the house? You are alone, I shall not come?"
"Alone! so what!"

With the momental smile, he looks back again to see the girl - the dreamy girl who half a decade ago  first appeared in a dream- now disappeared in the darkness. But he can't forget her and can't decide what should he do with the girl. He never likes to get anything used to use as his own.

They assault. Baby wants to know the reason.

They say “you are anti religious”

No, I have my own religion, Non-muslim doesn’t mean Anti-religious.

“You are Muslim, you have circumcised your prepuce.”

I didn’t and the God didn’t, but you Muslim imposed that on me before I become matured enough to understand and accept religion. I won’t do.

“You scolded our prophet”

No, I told ‘as long as you are bad, you are making your prophet the prophet of bad people. Your religion doesn't permit sex without marriage. Violation of law is also not permitted. Buy how many boys and girls of you can remain virgin until they legally get matured to marry? I believe in freedom, but your religion doesn’t. You are making your religion void and you are making your prophet a prophet of terrors.

They hit on head and legs. They go away thinking Baby is dead.

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