Thursday, July 16, 2015

A long night of dream

---------my six years---
There's gap between you and me
There's gap between dream and reality.

I see a baby, when I think to marry
I see a wave, when I feel my heart beat
I see a cool forest, when I feel no cloud, no shade on my head.
I see a naked baby cultivating, when I feel to destroy anything.

Wrong everything wrong in the way they learned
Wrong everything wrong in the hearts of your land.
I know it flames and your face mingles
       As my eyes catching your eyes in dream.
It hopes, it peace my mind feels.
Oh! God let me know where to go.
Gap exists in reality - the devil knocked my shoulder from the back
Oh! God give me power to cut his hand.
I found you fearful, jumped onto my chest,
I found you in the wave of dirty males.
I found you swimming, trying to reach me,
But in the reality you refused to catch me.
You may know all the reasons
I know only one - why gap exists?

I was torn, I was vagabond,
I was, as I was in the sea as buoyant
Just to see and to extend hand.
I would accept you, I would love you, I would venerate you
I won't see anything dirty in you,
My desired incipient; I deserve you

I do not accept them, I do not love them,
There's no respect, there's no success
As long as I am not getting you purified on my chest.
I would respect you, I would obey you
I would make you my deity.

Wrong wrong, everything wrong
   They make you fascinated, make you adultered.


You came to become as the God deserves, not to be that the devil ------.
They tried to make me pious as they are
They tried to teach you, but you know what's that
And what happened in you from six to twelve years.
You came in the race that believe in no face.

By: Rasal Hasan Lia

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