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No more delay to change
                - by Rasal Hasan Lia
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(not edited)

Do you favor child marriage? "of course not". 
Do you favor dishonesty? " "of course not" .
Do you like to avoid your religion 'Islam' ? Do you like to break the laws? " You may say as many people do "of course not". 
Then you must chaste until you get legally  matured or you must be a dishonest.            

They are siblings, two pretty girls, the baby watched the elder when she was of class four. She would go to private coaching regularly with a table lamp. Very cool, nice, polite steady in walking and always from the left side in a narrow path. Baby did not find her talking, noising or smiling but eradiating curious mind never misses the chance to have an eye contact. No shy, no fear but curiosity. Is she unable to speak? Or prohibited strongly? What happens when bikes that also follow the left side come from the back? She turns, flinches along the fence, and tries to leave the total path; she continues stepping back until her back touches the fence. Baby in such a narrow path usually walk along with the right side. A topaz is fallen from the babys hand, she stops and attempts to say something, probably to notice the baby but as the baby picked up the stone, she winces her lips.

Do you fear me?

She just shrugs.


No. why will I fear?

Dont you? The baby smiles and showing the gem, says will you take it?

No. After passing a moment she says whats that?

If you wish you can take it!

Silence, though many questions in her mind, she just said Father will scold.

Do you fear your father?

She shrugs again

Thats good. However let me know who he is, Ill talk to him, dont fear, Ill convince him. If you wish you can take it.

Whats that?

You can preserve it or you can set it in your finger-ring.

She cant help saying no.

The baby enters the house of Kayum where he would have been residing for one month.

Kayum and his friend, Sadam sir, should we call her for you?


 We know and understand that you need someone like that.


You told you wont marry anyone screwed. Thats why we are saying that we bring her for you and you get her engaged. This is the perfect age. This is a village, no certainty that she will remain unscrewed until she gets matured. Better we talk to her parents and arrange to bring her for living together.

Are you talking about child marriage or something that hamper human right? Why not about the implementation of religion? Is the religion absent? Ok you can talk so that they avoid unethical enjoyment. If needed, bondage is possible from my part but its her parent and their environment should take the responsibilities of ensuring religion. She is very good, naïve and she walks as she is in heaven. Dont disturb her; take care so that no one disturbs her.    

The baby didnt know Shona was the younger of Shapna. Stagnant eyes, no tear was seen, stucks to the baby, no movement, no smiles; she was pumping the tubewell- a hardest one, hands were on the handle tightly, but she was not pushing that, stuck up, no breath, she was just turning her face as long as the baby was looking at her complete eyes.  The baby feels shy, he downs the head and continues walking. Few moments, the baby hear, the girl starts to jerk the handle to pump. He was walking slowly, turns back and sees the girl with The ‘Kalos’ on her waist coming; her face like sun flower still follows the baby.

The baby was busy talking over the mobile. He watched her when he turns back after finishing talking beside the mosque. The baby doesnt enter the mosque after he ceded that religion. He was saying who suppressed and digressed? Who told lie about me? You Muslim! All ready five years passed, I informed everyone when I talked with them, who I am. I didnt and still I dont want to waste time. I told them I am ready to marry anytime if I get desired girl. But remember I wont marry anyone screwed girl. Ill accept her religion if she is better than me. What religion did you teach, obey and implement? Those who were unscrewed five years ago, but not legally matured are now legally matured but not unscrewed. Who did that? You Muslim! Dont come to guile me. You people failed to ensure true religion. You failed to protect them; you failed to obey true religion. You blamed me, cheated me, you deterred my right but you failed to protect your child. You failed to protect them from flattery, coaxing, seduction, abuse of power and money; ultimately you failed to establish religion in your families. Though you imposed in the name of religious lessons, mandatory gabbling from foreign language on your children, you failed to ensure honesty. You degraded me saying atheist and blamed, but you failed to ensure that your daughters can chaste or get legally married.  It would be better if you would accept my religion, LIA(lawful and Intelligent Aisle). As a human being I have the right to marry in any race/ religion, similarly they have. But parents should not deter the right. You cant stop sweating. You can, as you are doing sinfully, deter my right to marry but you cant stop the resulted implantation; and the resulted sins obviously going onto your shoulder, and when you mock my religion, you are smearing the face of your prophet as you are making him the prophet of sinful.  I demanded compensation for the circumcising, as it was imposed before my sense and ability developed to choose religion.”  The baby switched off the mobile and turned back, and the girl was fixedly looking at.


In the summer, when the baby would reside at Fatems house, whom he had dreamt and observed for more than seven years and where he had resided for more than four months, would come to this tube-well for washing.

Oh! The girl again. She is coming from the opposite direction. As the baby raises his head, he sees the dormant face of the girl some yards away. The baby looks again, the girl is disappeared. She entered into a row - fenced both the sides, and probably reined her speed. She was walking and trying to look back from the right, then left and again from the right side. The baby was crossing the mouth of the row and he asked:

Whats your name?


Where are you going?


Do you reside here? Or tourist?

‘No, this is our home.’

After two days the baby stops before a shop, the shopkeeper starts to greet, the girl was standing between, she turns back and the shopkeeper introduces daughter of Salm.

I know the name but I dont know who he is!

She smiles and says I read in class four. Showing the index she says there is our house and that is our school The baby recall the memory. This is the place near Kayums house where five years ago; he talked to a girl name Shapna.

With all the cravings of each for other, the baby decided, after experiencing some shocking attitudes of the people and after being advised by the family of Fatema, to get a separate house to live.  Sagret a well known person, by the by on road says that he has a house to let. The baby hires and takes the key instantly. A nice home four tenants, one is beside his big south faced house and another three north faced lineages under the same shade. And a small yard between. A tarn, flower and fruits garden. The baby passed a night in a lineage at the west side, but he didnt know who were living beside.

* Fatema was alone in the house. Her mother went somewhere leaving the children alone. The baby finds her waiting on the street. She cajoles why are you not coming to our house? You must come today. I stored the Mehendi. She shows her hands and says I wont use it unless you come. Confirm me you are coming today. She was walking towards her school and towing her toes to be taller to have contact shoulder to shoulder. The baby, some days ago told her that new Mehendi should not be taken unless the old tinge is elapsed. Probably her grand mother thereafter explained the meaning. When they reach the highway, she starts to kick the street and requests for the confirmation. The baby responds and says ok. You need not go to school today, lets move and go to your house. Her face irradiates and she stops suddenly. The baby, because of his religion, perception and ethics at best forward hand but avoid catching, fondling and touching any girl unless he is touched first; and he doesnt make any instance that may be exercised by others wrongly to lead abusing. The baby turns back; but the girl feels shy and ultimately follows her fellow to go to the school. And the baby goes to have a cup of tea. Some spoiled boys encircle him and ultimately start to beat the baby. The baby goes to the house of his dreamy girl. She also returns from the school four hours earlier of the schedule. Her father come back home meanwhile. He requests the baby to stay and he goes out again. The baby passed the night sitting on a chair. Probably she was also sleepless at the scaffold with her grand mother and grand father. But depravity takes place, from the morning for some days, in stead of innocence craving in her mind. She avoids coming before the baby and avoids answering whether any cousin went out from the scaffold in the early morning. The Mehendi remains unbroken.

The baby is now speechless. Little bit of humming, two pretty girls standing beside the window, one is of sixteen, another is of eleven. Which one is more beautiful, which one is more attractive, more cheerful? Their faces have dissimilarities, but the attributes- all are good sensible and divinely appealing. The baby is speechless. He was sleeping in his newly occupied room. He opens the eyes and sees them. Whats the relation between you?

We are sisters.

Surprising. Which one is your home?

We reside in the next lineage for the betterment of our study. The next home, about hundred yards away is our home, but we along with our parents reside beside your room.

The baby says I never thought you were sisters of each other.

Why are you standing there? Come in

The younger one with chummy, chummy smiles asks are you going out now?.
And the chummy face of the elder hides behind the window.


I say are you leaving the room today?

No, Ill stay for many days.

Wont you feel disturbed? We are too agile. All the time we shout, sing, dance and laugh.

Ok. Let see how much you can…?

Stay some days and see.

The elder invades and prates to stop the prate.

The younger cant hit the cork rightly, but the elder is smart to play. She and the baby have become a good partner of badminton, no net between, they approach closer beating the cork; and the younger with some other kids start to clap. One of the tenants is the daughter of Pan Majhi. All of the families are very good except an exception. Hilary everywhere in outdoor and indoor. She has a laptop. She knows to open and close, she can play songs and videos. She comes to the baby to learn more. She brings some of her girl friends to participate. Kayums sister is one of them. Though they have some queries about the baby but the girls, their parents and the owner of the house and the neighbors are very good, friendly and co-operative. The baby is a non-native but they knew that the baby is the delegator of the religious path aisle.

* The dreamy desired incipient girl is waiting on the path. The baby was going to the tube-well to bring water. His dreamy girl inculcates 'give me ten taka. The baby replies the same and asks to know "did anyone forbid you to come to my house?"

She says "i never will go to that house. Three times I have searched for you. I prayed to the God so that I get you here. Why didn't you tell me earlier? You could come with me when I had requested you. That day you caused to fall the rain, though the sky was clean. I asked you to come with me. But you didnt come, you went somewhere else. I told you that Im for you. But I wont support you if you do anything bad in anywhere else. However keep a key and ask your parents to come, and come whenever you wish. Baby smiles and says don't ask for ten taka.  Yesterday I gave you a big note so that you do not disturb me for ten taka. I know you do not have any need for ten taka. Don't pray to see me for getting money. The girl became faint and the baby rapidly says you can pray to get me, but not to get the money.  And understand now you need not pray to the God to get me, you can ask me, now Im here for you. If I turn back and you go somewhere else, what the God can do for the fate.  It's better not to feel shy, not to suppress the needs and problems, and not to engage in bad works; but help me to help you. My pocket is empty now.  Dont delay, now you should go to the school.

Sea was groaning, the baby was on the way to have a cup of tea after the lunch, the dreamy girl was coming from the school. She crossed the street and stood before the baby. "sir, Singara, pls buy". The baby asks about the exam and says "go home and take lunch. But she cajoles for Singgary  "no sir, mum will scold, just  buy singara.
 Is your mum returned?



“People will inform my mum.

Theres nothing bad to inform. However who prepare your lunch?

“Not prepared. Thats why asking you to buy

Dont tell lie. Go home or take lunch in the restaurant with me.

No sir, just buy

She comes up to the door but didn't enter. She says she feels shy. The Imam of the mosque who is also a teacher of the primary school was sitting near. After taking the Singaras, she starts to walk towards home. The baby finds her again waiting beside the street when he was returning after taking tea. She forgets what she had prepared to say "Sir, ki jani, dhut! Why don't you come to our house? Give me ten taka.

The baby smiles and says have you forgotten what I had told you? Why do you address me Sir? Im not your teacher.

 Then what will I say?

You can say sir just to respect. Remember Im not your teacher. You are a bad learner. I suspect you may fail to pass the exam. However do you know why Im in this village? Im for you. You are the owner of me but I wont support you if you do anything bad in anywhere else. I expect you be and remain good, and use me as you like. You can hit me, you can beat me but dont ask for ten taka

** The days of woe now came into a state of merriment. Fresh laughter, excitement and unwavering lovable liveliness. They have finished their final exam and enjoying the days lively. The younger rises early in the morning in fogs, and she starts to count the moment when and how to start gossiping and playing. And the elder starts with the laptop. Humming and dozing alarm the baby to rise. Within some days the elder is asked to attend private coaching near Kayums house. And Kayums sister starts to come to the baby. Theres no one in the home today. The elder went to the coaching; the parents are in the school. The baby starts to cook, the younger appears and stands leaning on he fence faint.

Wheres your laughter?

She remains silent. She stood as someone stands before placing a prayer for getting an approval.

Why so sad? Whats happened?

She stands steep to leave.

Why are you leaving? Do you like to say anything?

She stops and says tomorrow I am going to our grandmothers home.

Its a good news, you are going for excursion, but why so sad?

She says nothing and keeps stepping.

Dont go. Come here. Do you know how to prepare noodles?

No, Shapna can do...

Ok. Come here and learn it.

She doesnt stop.

‘Shapna’ is on hunger strike. No vibratility, the baby enjoys for the day. ‘Sona’ also returned after passing some days in the grand mothers house. None of them is entering the babys room. They avoid coming before the baby. They leave the yard as the baby locks the door to go out from the room. A rumor is on the air. Something happened when Shapna went for the coaching. Someone closed the door and the neighbor heard shouting. Some men of Kayums house thereafter beat the criminal. And Shapna no more is going there. She is asked not to go outside of the house, not to go school and not to attend the coaching again. She was alone in the house and the baby calls her to know what actually happened.  She was talking opening her mind with complete faith. A sympathetic relation takes place between. She breaks her hunger strike. And they all come back in their usual race of happiness soon.

She enters with her laptop. Her laptop was plying a song ..Chumo ekesi ekta (a great kiss is drawn or something like that) ... She comes and sits beside the baby on bed. Fragmented appealing teeth. But her smile turns into the frowning as her younger dogs her and peeks. Her gesture says her to leave. She exchanges songs with the babys pc. The baby tries to know her views about child marriage.
Do you favor child marriage?
Of course not
The baby takes a breath and asks
Do you favor dishonesty?
Of course not
You are Muslim, do you deny your religious norm?
“Of course not
Then, any hidden relation is a sin according to the religion.   Are you able to keep yourself free from any hidden relation with any man?
She takes time and replies of course I can avoid”
Didnt you do any such sin? Are you committed not to do that before you get eighteen years old and before you get married? Im asking to know your views. You are not bound to answer, if you wish, you can share frankly.
“Im speaking honestly; Im not as some other girls are”
Is it believable?- you feel no craving for man? Arent you a girl?
She says nothing, but her body is responding to the song as that she is a good dancer.
Dont you have any favorite man whom you like to get as your life partner?
Do you practice dances?
Yes, I dance in our school function.
The baby thinks but cant imagine and cant convince himself. How that is still untested and how the days will be passed? Really sinless? Or with dishonesty and multiple sins?

The baby is attacked again in the same place. The son of Pan Majhi hit him from the back side when he was talking to a councilor. Some criminals threaten the baby to leave the village instantly. The baby exchanges his views should you beat or reward?- who obeys the state laws and perfect religion? I want to marry an unscrewed girl. Is their any sin?

The councilor replies of course not.

The baby says suppose I dont like to live together without socially getting married. But for marriage, it needs a girl must be at least eighteen years old. Is their any girl of eighteen or older still unscrewed among any of your families, you religious people? If not, I must say you are failure in performing true religion. Either your religion is wrong or you are wrong in performing your religion. The trees are known by the fruits. Then you people are the fathers or brothers of unethically/illegally screwed females, and thereby you are making your prophet the prophet of failure.

The councilor says then whats your problem?

The baby says anyone has the right to marry in any race. Im a sufferer as the girls are being screwed unethically and/or illegally by the follower of your religion. You can trace and take a decision about the guilty. To whom the children, will go for security? Ruble, son of the Majhi suddenly starts to hit the baby saying you just leave the village. The boy some days ago would address the baby Sir though the baby was not a private teacher or tutor. The baby looks at the councilor. He raises hand to stop. Some passers by also restrain that boy.  The baby continues let me know in written form if you have anymore question. Dont abuse power. Many problems could be resolved if you would follow the true religious path.  You should think to reward who makes you aware and who obeys true religion and state law simultaneously. Remember my dues are becoming burden of sin and going onto your shoulder who deluded me. Suppose some criminals, insidious, religious traders, whisperers are deterring my marriage but they cant stop the natural demand of human body. To get rid of the curse, they should reward me, they should support me; they should come to resolve the issue. Why are you forcing me to leave the village?

That was a bus stand. Many people were crowded. None but a group of 7/8 terrors of insidious attempted to assault the baby. A policeman on the spot, in stead of providing security, resonates the voice of the terrorists.

Are you unable to provide security?


Is it your personal voice or the voice of police?

Police will not provide you security

Inform your authority.

Its my duty; you leave the village just now.

Im more than five years in this village.  Police is for all the people, for all the religions. If anyone has any objection, ask them file case. But remember police should take action who hit and attempted to hit me. If you are not able to take action against the criminals, leave the path.

The baby starts to go to his house on foot.  The people were friendly. After he walked 15/20 yards, the policeman asks the baby I talked to the authority, they advised you to go to the station.

Not now. Im now going to my house and coming back to file a diary about the incident.

The baby comes to the lineage. Shapana was on study table. Sona is on the yard.

Police comes and advises the baby people are crazy, they may attack again, they may burn the houses, you should go to the station.

That was not a public rage. Probably thats a conspiracy of insidious. You should take legal action against the criminals.

The lively faces of the girls become fearful.

The baby says the police remember, Im delegating a benchmark for all the religions and; expect the Theocracy. However lets move.    

Some whisperers and journalists also follow them. However the baby passed a night in the police custody in a cordial, friendly environment as the baby was and returned in the friendly environment where the baby sees the mass people friendly, tolerable, cordial and cooperative except few criminals and except few Islamic terrorists and stupids.

The baby enters his room and attempts to change. Someone also enters. The baby peeks back. She just entered and pushing the door. No word, no sound, cool breathing as she was five years ago. The baby also becomes dumbstruck. But their silence breaks as a kid is pushed into the room from the yard probably by her mother who was the daughter of Pan Majhi. Silence breaks and the breaking digresses the minds, makes them away; and the icing on the cake awaits.
by Rasal Hasan Lia/ Banglades        (Not edited)

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