Friday, June 16, 2017

Law, Religion, Child Marriage and Honesty

Honesty and your religion

! What do you think about Child Marriage!
! Is that prohibited or the registration is!
! Does the law controls the relationship between men and women or the sense, justification, emotion and attitude to sin and sanctity!
! If there's no claimant what's the rightness to break marriage bondage!
! Marriage is easy to break and stop, but what about the sinful relations without marriage!
! Who are being accountable for protecting the girls of weak families from exploitation, and dependency for accommodation!
! The men who respect law can go to court to stop marriage if their beloved is about to face forced marriage somewhere else, but who is responsible for protecting the girl from sinful realities till she legally get mature! 
! How the opinion and the right of the girls being honored! 
! What actually mean by Solemn! -physically unsound or respectful person for patience and respect to law, sanctity and humanrights! 
! What they get from the religion and society who respect law, religions, and avoid to entice and exploit!
If the children are asked :
 Do you favor child marriage? They reply :no
 Do you favor dishonesty? ------- of course not. 
 Do you like to cede your religion? ---no
 Are you truly able to chaste until you legally matured and get married? They remain silent. 
In fact, it's better to cede the existing religion and seek a valid one than becoming dishonest.